Modern Glass Door Dividers

Optimize your home with space-saving glass door dividers. Partition off a section of an existing room or create a closed-off area for privacy without any major construction. Our products are made to order, custom-tailored to you. We make each order to your taste and preference, designed to your needs. 

Types of Room Partition:
  • Folding Doors / Collapsible Partitions:
    Commonly used in Singapore to partition off a Study Room or Gym Room.
  • Sliding Doors:
    Perfect for small rooms. Choose between 2, 3 or 4 way track sliding doors. 
  • Fixed Panels with Swing Doors:
    Pair with Double glazed glass to create a Sound Proof Partition- Perfect to be used for Study Rooms

Frame Finish:

All our glass partitions come Powder Coated. Choose between a glossy or matte finish in any color of your choice. Contact us for our range of Powder Coat color available.

Dividers Design:

Choose from our selection of lattice design or customize your own unique design. For each design, customize the spacing between each lattice or have it equally spaced.

No Lattice    2 Lattice    3 Lattice    Continental

Type of Glass Insert:

Choose from our wide range of glass available or mix and match the different types to maximize natural light while creating the desired level of privacy. Tempered, laminated and Frosted/Patterned glass types are all available from our selection.


Glass Partition

Glass Divider