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Invinsible Grilles


Invinsible Grilles Contractor in Singapore

Invinsible Window Grilles are a necessity for the security of your home. Having grilles not only acts as a preventive measure for burglary, but provides a form of safety for young kids and pets. Our Invinsible grilles are made from stainless steel wire. We have Fixed Grilles (Fixed to wall and tightened), Sliding or Casement Grilles. 

The main draw of invinsible grilles are that they don't sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of your home. Stainless steel overall is strong and having quality invinsible grilles means they do not rust. 

Our Invinsible grilles are used for HDBs, Condominiums and Commercial properties with locking mechanisms- all to your home's measurements. 

There are two main types of window grille style that applies only for BTOs. Centre portion and full-height window grills. Centre portion and Full Height. For a guide on how to differentiate the two types of window grilles, read on more. 

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