Sai Huat Metal Fabrication/ Magworks is a Singapore-based aluminium and steel specialist, specializing in customizable metal and aluminium products such as mild steel gates, railings, window grilles and doors. We also provide windows, mezzanine lofts, and mild-steel or aluminium framed glass door panels. All our items are self fabricated in our factories in Singapore by our team of dedicated workers.

At MAG, we understand the cost associated with home renovations and aim to provide a platform for all home owners to remodel their house at affordable factory prices. 

Our customer base consists of home-owners from HDB, Condominiums, Executive Condominiums, Apartments and Landed Housing Estates. You can expect exceptional craftsmanship and stunning steel and aluminium works that are carefully tailored for each customer.


Why Us?

  • Built-to-order 
  • Customizable 
  • Affordable prices for sophisticated and personalized designs
  • Outstanding quality of metal and aluminium works
  • Superior quality mild-steel 
  • Stringent production standards 
  • Free delivery and installation

Reach out to us!

You can contact us directly here.