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GD003 - Casement Glass Doors with Mild-Steel Frame


    Using Mild Steel Frame for Casement glass doors offers the advantages of a sleek look. The best option for security doors are mild steel as well as they're one of the strongest material used to manufacture a door.

    MAG is a direct manufacturer and supplier of Slim Frame Mild Steel Doors for HDB, Condominium, landed and commerical properties in Singapore. Our glass doors are all self fabricated, meaning you get your products direct from our production line- at lower costs, with quality worksmanship.

    • Powder-coated mild steel to frame the tempered glass doors 
    • High quality tempered glass that is scratch and rust resistant
    • Specifications: 
      • Panel width: 60 cm
      • Thickness of mild-steel: 1 inch
      • Glass thickness: 6mm 
    • Dimensions: customizable 
    • Includes a mortise lock 
    • Unit cost per square feet - $37/psf 
    • Onsite measurement upon confirmation of project

    FREE delivery and installation   


    • Number of Panels
    • Width of each Panels
    • Color of Frame
    • With/Without Lattice Design
    • Type of Glass (Clear Tempered, Frosted, Reeded, Tinted)
    • Direction of Folding Door 
    Mild Steel Glass Door

    Mild Steel Glass Door

    Mild  Steel Swing Door
    Tempered Glass Door

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