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Pet Friendly Window Grilles - Singapore 2024


Pet Friendly Window Grilles

Pet Friendly Aluminium Window Grilles are suitable for HDB (BTO and Resale), Condominium, Landed and Commercial Properties and provides safety not only for your family but for your pets,. Window grilles can be installed in any area of your home- Bedrooms, Living Room, Kitchen, Balcony and Service Yard. They're especially important if you room faces the common corridor for added security. 

Our aluminium grilles are lightweight- easy to slide and durable- they do not rust. Our window grilles have a gap size of 1.5-2.5" and can be customized smaller, great for cat owners. 

Choose the option of having Fixed, Sliding or Swing open Window Grilles. Having the option to open your window grilles allow for easier cleaning of your windows.

View our other designs on our catalogue or if you have other designs in mind, send it to us and we'll customize accordingly. For more information, contact us or read on more here for a definitive guide on window grilles in Singapore. 


1) Security - Aluminium Grilles not only provide security from outsiders entering your home, but also prevents your children from accessing your windows or pets from straying. 

2) Light and Easy to Maintain - Aluminium grilles won't rust due to an oxide layer on it's surface. It's therefore durable and long lasting. What's more, it's light weight ensures that the grilles slide smoothly.

3) Economical - Compared to other types of materials, aluminium grilles are more affordable. We provide packages for BTO aluminium grilles as well (Read on more below for more information). 

4) Environment Friendly - Aluminium Grilles, out of the other materials are the most environment friendly metals. On a percentage basis, they are the most recycled of industrial metals.  

5) Customizable - Gap sizes for our aluminium grilles can be customized. For smaller cats, opt for the smaller gap size of 1.5".

  • Anodized/Powder-coated aluminum window grilles 
  • Scratch and rust-resistant
  • Thickness of aluminium grilles: 18mm 
  • Includes lock
  • Customized dimensions 
  • Production lead time of 7-10 working days  



Pet friendly window grilles

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