SR011 - Spiral Staircase and Staircase Railings

Spiral Staircases are a piece of art built and designed to decorate a space. Most commonly fabricated of metal that creates a strong visual statement, they can be used for both traditional and contemporary spaces. A simple spiral staircase not only acts as a functional piece, but a decorative item.
Our Spiral staircases can be built not only for the internal, but for the external as well making it a unique feature of an open floor plan.  Our Spiral Staircases come in different configuration. The most common designs have a circular format with a central mast from which the stairs are formed. For other designs, central mast are absent. Contact us directly for a quotation 
  • Full mild steel 
  • Comes with Staircase railings/ handrails/ balustrades 
  • Dimensions: Customizable 
  • Onsite measurement upon confirmation of project
  • FREE delivery and installation
  • Available in a range of colors 

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