SR002 - Straight-Cut Thin Bar Staircase Railings

We are a Company that fabricate and install mild steel, wrought iron and glass staircase railings/handrails in Singapore. While staircase railings may be a building requirement, giving a little more thought into the design could turn your home's staircase into a focal point. Creative staircase railing ideas exist for any type of home- from the traditional wrought iron, to the more modern mild steel and glass panels. 

Take a look at our staircase railing catalogue and find out how to incorporate them into your home, or send us a design and we can customize accordingly. SR002 horizontal staircase railings/balustrade adds an immediate modern flair to the overall look. 

  • Full mild steel with tempered glass Staircase Railing/Handrails 
  • Dimensions: Customizable 
  • Onsite measurement upon confirmation of project
  • Requires on-site welding during installation
  • FREE delivery and installation

*Additional charges apply for timber with glass railings
*Price calculated by per foot run 

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