Glass Doors for Interior: There's a Solution for Everyone

Types of Glass Doors in Singapore 

While some homeowners look for a seamless connection between sections of their home, minimalistic homeowners demand a space-saving system, other consumers that live near highways cant do without a noise-insulation solution. Can modern glass door solution meet such needs?

Innovative glass solutions works in tandem with contemporary door designs that can offer that perfect mix of form and function. Are you looking for premium-quality interior glass doors? Read on more or get in touch with us for more enquiries. 


Mild Steel and Aluminium Glass Doors are available in the following design options: 

  • Sliding Glass Doors
    Depending on number of panels, glass door glides over 1, 2 or 3 horizontal tracks, opening and closing sideways as opposed to standard doors, maximising the outside view. This provides the ideal solution for small rooms where space-saving is a priority. For example- bathrooms or kitchens. 
  • Casement Glass Doors Coupled with a fixed panel, or just a casement door- this design have long been used in interior designing. Hinged on their sides and swinging outwards, casement doors offers superior ventilation- Hence they are more often used for entry doors. They make an ideal solution for bedrooms and kitchens where there's sufficient space to open without getting hindered. Out of the 3 options, Casement Glass Doors are best coupled with double glazed glass to offer the highest noise reduction of up to 80%.
  • Bi-Fold Glass Doors
    Fabricated using a series of individual panels that fold into each other, from as little as two panels to panels that lines the length of your room, such doors fold along a single track, in comparison to sliding doors where 2 or 3 tracks are possible. Bi-Fold Glass Doors can be pushed to one end, or to two ends to create a L-shape glass door partitioning. They're ideal for congested spaces as they can be opened up to create the illusion of a larger space. Not all panels need to be opened. Our glass doors have in-built flush bolts to lock each individual panel into place- allowing a single panel to be opened and closed to be used as an individual entry and exit point.

If you have any queries on which type of glass door is best suited for your home, contact us and our team at MAG will be more than glad to work something out for you.