Why You Have to Install Aluminium Glass Doors at your Home Entrances

Aluminium Glass Doors for Home Interior

A home interior that has a seamless transition from one room to another creates a pleasing effect for the eye. However, one cannot dispute the much required balance between function and aesthetics that is required for your home interiors- this can achieved with help from aluminium glass doors. 


Easy to Maintain

Out of all the doors and windows of your home, entrance doors are the ones that should stand out clean and make a style statement. With aluminium doors, that's exactly what you can achieve. They're easy to clean and maintain and are more durable than the alternatives. Aluminium does not rust due to its oxide surface layer- enabling them resistant to all weather conditions. All you need is water and a clean microfiber cloth.



Aluminium's frames come with the quality of being extremely lightweight, although it's density is one third of mild steel’s. With the right fusion and bonding of each aluminium extrusion from our team at MAG, you can easily get your desired finished product - Size, shape and design. Moreover, our doors are available in a variety of powder-coated colors to suit your home's theme


Ease of Work

One of the biggest advantages of working with aluminium is that compared to mild steel which requires welding, it is far easier to work with under machining. Cutting, drilling, bending – aluminium is highly malleable allowing you to fully customise the product you desire. Because of this, send us a picture and we can fabricate any product. 


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