Window Grille In Singapore | A Definitive Guide

Window Grille Design

Installation of Window Grilles for BTO

Window Grilles are a necessity for the security of your home. Having grilles not only acts as a preventive measure for burglary, but provides a form of safety for young kids and pets. We offer an extensive range of aluminium window grilles for HDBs, Condominiums and Commercial properties with locking mechanisms- all to your home's measurements. 


Types of Window Grilles (New Flats - BTO)

There are two main types of window grille style that applies only for BTOs. Centre portion and full-height window grills. Centre portion and Full Height. 

1) Centre Portion Window Grilles - These grilles cover just the center sliding or casement windows. The bottom fixed panels are fabricated using tempered/laminated glass and hence grilles won't be required. In this case, grilles does not cover the top hung windows and are less than 1m in height. 

2) Full Height Window Grilles - These grilles cover both the centre sliding/casement windows as well as the openable top hung windows as well - Such grilles are considered full height if they're 1m or more in height.  


Top: Centre Portion Aluminium Window Grilles
Bottom: Full Height Window Grilles


 Window Grille Designs For HDB (BTO and Resale)

Aluminium Window Grilles are the most popular choice in Singapore as they're durable and affordable. Aluminium comes naturally in Silver, Bronze or Black. Other colors are powder coated and can be customized as well. 

window grille

External Window Grilles for Service Yard (New Flats- BTO)

Installation of window grilles at the service yard is permitted, provided that aluminium grilles complies with the design specified below. Aluminium in it's natural color comes in silver, bronze or black. Other colors like white are powder coated and available as well. Choice of color for window grilles are dependent on the external facade. 

Window grilles singapore


 For more information on our grilles or looking for an Aluminium Window Grille Package for BTOs, read on more here or contact us for further enquiries.