Sliding Doors in Singapore: The Overlooked Benefits

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Sliding Glass Doors and their Benefits


Bought a new BTO or renovating your resale in Singapore? Today we'll go through the benefits of having sliding glass doors.

1. Enhanced Traffic Flow - These larger doors open fully to one or both sides, allowing easier traffic flow in and out of the rooms. If you have large objects that must be moved around, sliding doors provide easy access. The number of panels and width of opening can be customized as well. For large entry ways, multiple sliding doors can slide fully to either ends to give maximum light and great views.

2. Safety - If you have young kids or pets at home, the safety advantage is that these doors stay tucked in place and will will avoid being hit by a swinging door.

3. Security - By the nature they are installed, sliding doors are one of the most secure design. When locked, they're not easily opened. Their interlocking tracks on which the glass door slides through means that they cannot be removed from the outside. 

4. Space Saving - Sliding Doors are compact- they're protrude out from your wall at a maximum of 100-150 depending on the number of tracks chosen. This avoids the issue most entry door faces when they swing inwards or outwards.


In Singapore where homes are small, sliding doors add a functional element to the interior- especially the ones installed in the kitchen. The newer kitchens in Singapore are integrated together with the living room as an open-concept, this makes it a great idea to install sliding door. At MAG, we supply and install high quality sliding doors for kitchen. 

Sliding Doors for Kitchen:

  • Separate large spaces - close your doors while cooking to prevent odors from permeating the rest of your home.
  • Glass Doors - Sliding glass doors not only add functionality, but expands your space. They're commonly used in minimalist or modern design
  • Mild Steel / Aluminium Glass Doors - Another combination is to add metal with glass. This option is heavier and more study, perfect for an industrial style kitchen. 

Choose from a variety of sliding doors for your kitchen and enjoy privacy while you cook. Other than your kitchen, spruce up your home with the addition of a sliding door to separate your home in a practical and beautiful way.