Customizing HDB Gates | A Comprehensive Guide 2020

A metal gate can be a bland barrier entry or a distinctive element of your home. The difference in cost is minimal, but the statement it gives off can be striking.

At MAG, choose from over 40 mild steel gate designs - more so if you choose to custom your metal gate. The good news is you'll have full control over not only your gate's design, but its performance. Knowing that, here are some top tips you'll need to consider when planning a custom plan HDB gate.


1)  Once you know what you want out of your gate, you'll also be able to consider it's mechanical aspect. If you're one to leave your wooden door keys hanging behind, consider adding a mild steel plate.

Top: Without horizontal metal plate
Bottom: Same design with metal plate to block your wooden door handle lock

2) Planning to install a digital lock for your gate? We can have a digital plate installed on your gate. Choose to maintain your mortise lockset, or as some of our customers do- opt for just a digital lock, without the handle lockset. 
Use of both digital plate and mortise handle lockset


3) If you have a digital lock installed on your wooden door, it may put some restrictions on your choice of gate direction. Would a single or double panel be more suited, or would swinging to the left or to the right be more suited to avoid your digital door lock. 

Top: If your gate is size 3x7ft and you're opting for single panel, gate direction will be opposite to avoid clashing with the wooden door handle
Bottom: If your gate is size 3x7ft and double panel, opening direction can be same or opposite from your wooden door.


4) It goes without saying that your choosen gate needs to add security to your home. You need to consider pets and children. Opt to reduce the gap size - gap width can be customised.


5) Consider how you'd like your gate to look. Does your home have a theme? Each material has its own unique design and color. The material you choose can affect a lot of things. Mild Steel gives off a more sleek, polished look whereas Wrought Iron edges are rough- but are more strong.


Same gate design in Top: Mild steel, Bottom: Wrought Iron


6) Stainless steel has excellent impact, wear and fatigue resistance. Our Gate handle lockset are all included in the package. Choose between the standard silver, or go with Coated Black. 

Top: Stainless Steel Gate Lockset in Silver
Bottom: Stainless Steel Gate Lockset Coated Black


7) Do without the conventional unit number and laser cut any form of identification, logo or design to brand your mild steel gate as your own. Font size and type can be customised as well. 









Left: Laser cut of unit number engraved in the centre
Right: Laser cut of unit number engraved at the bottom corner

8) If water splashes into your home during cleaning rounds, consider adding a splash plate to the bottom of your gate. 

Height of Splash Plate can be customised as well


9) Ready for a front gate refresh but not sure where to start? We have a range of colors for Mild Steel and Wrought Iron to choose from. Get over the hurdle by considering your home's needs or architectural design. Black is the easiest to maintain. While matte/satin absorbs light and appears smoother, glossy gates distorts light to give a different look. 


Top: Powder coat colors for Mild Steel
Middle and Bottom: Range of colors for wrought iron gates

If you live in a Condominium, make sure you contact them to find out if they have any restrictions. Some Condominium's put restrictions on the gate design, size and color to create a standardized look. Therefore, before you head to design your own custom gate, contact them to ensure your custom gate won't violate any management guidelines. 

More homeowners are likely to go with custom gate when they can - it brings you one step closer to making your home truly yours. While a custom gate may cost a little more, the investment will be worth it for years to come.