Practical Shower Screens for Modern Homes

Shower Screens in Singapore

There are multiple options for shower screens- Framed or Frameless Shower Screens, L-Shaped/Corner Entry Shower Screens, Sliding Shower Screens, Casement Shower Screens or Fixed Panels. These options depend on what look you're going for, how much space you have and your budget. 


Types of Shower Screens:

1) Framed Shower Screens - Typically fabricated from glass with an Aluminium Frame. 

2) Frameless Shower Screens - These shower screens have no frames at all as the name suggests - they specific fixings installed that help the glass to get fixed in place. These designs are sleek and minimalistic - a great option for small-sized bathrooms with tight spaces.

3) L-Shaped / Corner Entry Shower Screens - They typically have two fixed panels on both ends, with two sliding panels that slide to either end and are installed in the corner of a bathroom.

4) Casement Shower Screens - These shower screens include a swinging door, pivoting to one side of a fixed panel, ideal for bigger bathrooms. 

5) Fixed Panel Shower Screen - They sport a minimalist look with a single panel fixed frame- perfect for small-sized bathroom with tight spaces. 

6) Sliding Shower Screens - As the name suggests, has one or more fixed panels with a door that slides to one side. They're perfect for saving space without a door that opens inwards or outwards- practical for bathrooms where space is limited. 


Benefits of MAG's Shower Screens:

  • Customization - Our shower screens come in a range of design and colors- find a custom solution with us to best suit the space of your bathroom.
  • Durability - Only Tempered Glass is used: The glass are toughened with the edges polished, making them scratch and shatter resistant.
  • Aluminium Frame - Corrosion-free aluminium is used to frame the edges of the glass. 
  • Hardware - A range of handles can be customized for your shower screen. Contact our team for our extensive range of handles. 



With so many options to choose from at MAG, whether you choose the framed or frame-less look, the space-saving sliding and corner entry shower screens, or the swing designs for the bigger bathrooms, shower screens add an instant upgrade to the overall look of your bathroom. 


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